Lesson 295 – Strong chicks

On Sunday, Addy, Emma, and I participated in a 3K walk to raise money for the Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter – an organization that provide basic necessities like food and shelter to those in need. A friend of mine (Lisa) had told me about the walk months ago and even though I’ve had a rough winter with some orthopedic problems I figured a 3K walk? I can do that.

My bib.

The morning of the walk was when my girls decided to join me. (sigh, late registration fees mean nothing when you are young) They smelled excitement and a day out in the sun with mom. The college: Rivier that hosted the event is where one of my sons goes to school, so we were able to check in with him and chat before the event which is always a pleasure.

The day was beautiful with bright sun and a warm breeze. Runners of the 10K and 5K road race took off first and then the walkers went last. Unable to contain their youthful enthusiasm (and why should they), the girls took off ahead of us (go on, have fun, just make sure you stay with each other). I stayed toward the back of the walking pack talking with Lisa.

At the halfway point, Emma decided to let Addy go ahead (did you not hear me when I said stay together?) and instead decided to walk with me. We talked about school, about band, and pretty much about everything and anything that popped into Emma’s head. These days it’s rare that I get to spend one on one time with the kids and so I appreciated the gift that it was.

When we were finished the girls and I ate a lunch on the college lawn with other walkers. “Wait till I tell my friends what I did this weekend”, Addy proudly said already envisioning how she would word it on Facebook.

Hey a 3K walk is a 3K walk.

Lisa and I are signed up for a sprint triathlon in June, that will be our next event. It’s not the kind of race where you have your young daughters participate alongside you but it is the kind of event where they can meet you at the finish line, share in a cold bottle of water and let you know that they can’t wait to tell their friends what their mom just did.

Strong chicks


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2 responses to “Lesson 295 – Strong chicks

  1. We have various charitable walks for excellent causes on Whidbey Island. Unfortunately, my daughter and granddaughter live in Seattle, and walking on water is difficult for all of us. I have suggested to the chickens that they join me for a walk for a good cause, but ehey wandered away as I was explaining the concept to them.

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