Lesson 291 – Sing You Home – Look what Good Egg Jodi-Picoult’s namesake has done

Well we just have to crow over here!

Jodi-Picoult and Sing You Home

Our Good Egg Interview Jodi-Picoult chicken’s namesake – Jodi Picoult – (and fellow Granite Stater) has just released her latest literary masterpiece – Sing You Home. (and for those of you who doubt that any of Jodi’s books are masterpieces – go ahead and read one, any one – you’ll be convinced.)

In Sing You Home Jodi once again does what she is so good at. She takes a current issue that you think may be straight forward and turns it on its head. The story line is a compelling grab-it-by-the-throat look at what constitutes a parent and family. Her characters live, breath, and bleed from deep cuts as they wind themselves throughout the story.

Sing You Home revolves around a music therapist which makes music and rhythm an integral part of the story. So how does a writer integrate music into the text (other than the trite attempt of some authors to include stanza after stanza of lyrics – which if we’re going to be honest here I always skip)?

The answer is by supplying the music with the book.

Included with this novel is a CD of music intended to create the tone for each chapter (there are indications in the book for when to play each song.). It contains original music by Ellen Wilber with lyrics by Jodi. How cool is that? Jodi envisioned a soundtrack when writing and was able to create it as part of the story.

I will forever bow down to anyone who pushes the literary creativity envelope like this.

Thanks for writing another great book, Jodi. Little Jodi-Picoult and I adore Sing You Home and we wish you nothing but the best and many more delightful stories ahead.


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4 responses to “Lesson 291 – Sing You Home – Look what Good Egg Jodi-Picoult’s namesake has done

  1. Wendy, I just wanted to thank you again for your presentation in Farmington last night.

    I’m trying to talk my wife into having a flock (for the record, I’m the one at home right now, so it’s mostly my work), and last night really helped.

    Thanks again!

    • Wendy Thomas


      You’re so welcome. It was lovely to see so many people interested in chickens.

      I say go for it (but then what did you expect me to say?). Chickens are really not that much work and once you get them settled in, the benefits to your life (companionship, food, humor) far outweigh a weekend muck or two.

      Take care and keep me updated.


  2. Hey sis: Thanks for the wonderful photos of the Jodi Picoult named bird and the newest book. Jodi’s books are all the rage here in Minnesota, and no doubt this new one will be a feature at Barnes and Noble, Borders and some of the independents. Perhaps if she comes by on a book tour she can bring her namesake? (Just kidding!) Congrats to all!

    • Wendy Thomas

      Our Jodi-Picoult hen is roughly the size of a fat pigeon and could very fit into carry-on luggage very comfortably. Hmmm, you’ve got an idea there Peg.


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