Lesson 284 – Birthday of the mythical beast

My little Griffin monster becomes a man today.

You know, sweetheart, it wasn’t that long ago when you’d wake Dad up at 5:30 in the morning ripe (and I mean ripe) and ready to start the day (after also waking me up several times during the night). Hard to believe that was you as I now have to bellow on the weekends that it’s 10:30 and you’d better start dragging your lazy butt downstairs.

My little monster whose best friend was and remains to this day the Dee-dee-dee (Christmas Tree). Your most favoritest buddy in the world, so much so that we’d have to plan to take it down during the time you took a nap.

Where did the dee-dee-dee go?

Don’t know – shoulders shrugged – It’s just gone.

Our Griffin, who has eaten a guacamole rice cake birthday cake (and never complained) and who secretly hides the pistachio nuts in the car hoping no one will notice (I did). If it’s not one thing, it’s another, right?

But look at you, you’ve grown tall and strong. You handled adversity and joy with equal grace. You’re a team leader and you’re a team member, two of the finest attributes one can say about anyone.

You have a laugh like no other (especially when we watch Casino Royale which, let’s face it, with personal commentary can at times be a laugh-riot), and you’ve taught us all how to let water roll off your back (something I’m still learning how to do). Griffin, you have an inner strength, composure, and personal wisdom rarely seen in one your age. Use it well and you’ll go far.

The baby born kissed by the sun. You are a monster, a reigning house at Hogwarts, a mythical beast, and indeed a ray of sunshine.

Don’t ever take my sunshine away.

Happy 18th birthday, Griffin my shining boy, here’s to many, many more.

Oh baby, look at you now.


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2 responses to “Lesson 284 – Birthday of the mythical beast

  1. I think he was saying “Cheese!”

  2. Hey sis: Congrats Griffin. I lost track, I didn’t realize that you were actually 18 this year. We are so very proud of you and love hearing about all the fabulous things you do for your family, your friends and our community. Glad that a guy like you with your moral compass is going into gaming.

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