Lesson 280 – The hovering supermoon

Saturday March 19th, was the supermoon. The moon appeared about 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than normal, according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

The moon’s orbit was the closest to the Earth that it has been since 1993, and that combined with a full moon created the supermoon effect.

Have to say that although it was a pretty moon (we had a clear night in NH) I was a little disappointed.

I expected the dogs to perhaps act a bit odd. Nope, Nessa and Digger didn’t even raise their heads to acknowledge my presence let alone that of the moon. Pippin did run around in circles, but then, Pippin ALWAYS runs around in circles, that’s kind of his thing.

The chickens weren’t bothered either. Even though I went out to the hen house late at night thinking that they would be all a twitter or at least have their feathers a bit ruffled, nada, not a thing. They were all huddled together roosting silently in the cold dark. (NH remember?)

We did make sure the kids went out to look at the moon, I mean after all, it was a noteworthy astrological event.

  • “Yeah”, said Griffin who went back to his video games.
  • Trevor, our learning permitted driver showed some interest only because he was able to drive the car at night to a spot where Marc could take some photos.
  • Addy chatted online with her friends about it.
  • Logan stopped and looked outside on his way to the night-kitchen for more food.
  • “Next time this happens, I’ll be 28” said Emma who is young enough that she doesn’t realize the day will come when she will want time to slow down.

Saturday was a supermoon, the moon was closer to the earth than it’s been in many years. But like they do when their parents hover around – sometimes closer than other times – the kids just accepted this, took comfort in the fact that the moon was reliably there as always knowing that tomorrow it would start moving back to where it belonged, and moved on with their lives.

I see the moon and the moon sees me

Photo credit: Marc Nozell


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2 responses to “Lesson 280 – The hovering supermoon

  1. Hey sis: I remember driving down from Northern Minnesota one night for about 6 hours when Mars and the Moon were close together–another once in a lifetime event. Now that we have more scientific data these are starting to seem like baseball stats–always some milestone. Anyway, it was a bit comforting watching Mars and the Moon hovering over my windshield. I too expected a bit more. It was very subtle. Like the milestones in baseball I guess.

    • Wendy Thomas


      I think you’ve hit a good point. I remember when I was young preparing for a total daytime eclipse. We read about it, studied it and had enough time to send away for glasses or to build little reflecting devices where we could watch the eclipse in the reflection of the water (knowing that we could go blind if we looked directly).

      Although we still get our kids up for eclipses (nighttime) and meteor showers, the magic just seems to be a little gone. Maybe it’s technology, maybe we’re just too busy to notice. Or maybe it’s just that the moon can’t compete with the latest video release. In some ways it’s a little sad that we seemed to have lost that connection.


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