Lesson 273 – The tree that will not put put away

In a post the other day about our bobblebody chicken I mentioned that it sat on the table near our Charlie Brown Christmas tree. This wasn’t a misstatement. For the last 1.5 years a full sized Christmas decoration of Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree has sat on our table. It’s bent little branches and spare needles cheering us up as we gather as a family to sit for dinner.

None of us could bear to put it away after that first Christmas when it turned up in our house. The girls grew protective over it, the boys recognized it for what it was. If the little tree can endure, so can we. Taking it down was out of the question.

And so we didn’t. We’ve allowed it’s plucky spirit to remain as a constant reminder of our potentials. For each approaching holiday we swap out the ornament. The solitary red Christmas bulb becomes a glitter heart for Valentine’s Day, an egg for Easter, and of course now with St. Patrick’s Day almost upon us, on the tree hangs a shamrock.

It’s not that unusual really, holiday celebrations have always been big in our house. We’ve had red food colored Rice Krispie treats shaped into hearts, chairs turned upside down by leprechauns, Easter basket hunts that have sent kids to the hen house in the early morning light. We put reindeer food out on Christmas Eve and leave cookies, carrots, and water for Santa (whom we believe to be lactose intolerant).

As the kids grow older, they not only accept these traditions but they want them. They look forward to them. Whoa be it to the child for whom the tooth fairy does not visit when they have their wisdom teeth out.

Which brings me back to the Christmas tree. Perhaps it is because the kids don’t want to lose that last tiny bit of their childhood that the tree still stands on our table. That snippet of magic that all kids feel when they believe that they get rewarded from a mythical benevolent being just for being who they are. Perhaps my kids want to be reminded of the happiness and simple joy that surrounds holidays every day as they make their way through a world of complex decisions and growing up.

Or perhaps the tree sits on our table to this day because I do.

Carry onward little tree


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2 responses to “Lesson 273 – The tree that will not put put away

  1. Hey sis: Recently in Viet Nam I saw the country organizing itself for Tet. Flowers were everywhere and Mai trees lined the streets. These trees (which looked bare before the holidays) blossom with yellow flowers during Tet–the Lunar New Year Celebration on Feb 3rd. It’s great luck to have a tree in your house–a bit like a Christmas Tree. Here’s the catch, after the holiday, you give the Mai Tree back to the farmer who can then cultivate it for the year for you. After all, why would you want to try to do it yourself, or kill a Mai Tree and bring bad luck. So, the Live Mai Trees get collected again by the farmers and shipped off to a place where they are well cared for. And then the cycle starts again. Now don’t you think we should start something like that here in the states? Peg

  2. Ann DiBona

    Thank you for the nostalgia and the inspiration!

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