Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 257 – Keeping the eggs cool with Packit bags

I don’t have the kind of blog where I sample things and then try to sell you on them. I’m more of a let’s try this out and see if it really works kind of gal.

Take for instance our experiments with the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Cookbook (which I absolutely adore but which threatened to burn my house down). I would have no problem telling everyone (and oh I do) to go out and get that cookbook. All my kids are getting a copy when they get their first apartments. I love it, I really do.

I’ve also tried organic homemade marshmallows – maybe it was me, but I’m definitely partial to the tried and true Campfire all-perfectly-formed-and-uniformly-white blobs of s’more perfection. Sometimes childhood memories are the best.

So when I was approached to try out a new lunch bag, at first I thought nope, not for me. Don’t see the applicability. I mean I have kids but I also have a lot of lunch bags thank you very much.

But then after looking at the website (yes I really do fully consider each offer) I immediately saw that while the bags are a great idea for lunches, I could use the bags for something else.

I wrote to the company and they sent me a bag to try.

About the bag: It’s called Packit Freeze + Go. “Ice melts and ice packs are bulky and they don’t work. We have invented a simple solution that will make your life easier. Packits fold for convenient storage right inside of your freezer. Pull a Packit out when you are ready to use it, pack it, and go.”

These bags, which are the size of normal full lunch bags have cooler filled walls on the front and back. (they still fold up however due to ingenious things called seams) The interior is lined in a heavy plastic (PVC Free and Non Toxic) and the bag closes with a Velcro strip. After putting it in the freezer overnight, you take it out the next day, pack your food and it keeps your food cool for up to 10 hours. The bag is still pliable, it’s not like you have a bag filled with hard ice. Certainly more cool (and more distinguished looking) than if you used those little kids’ sports shaped lunch coolers that end up only being used as hockey pucks on your kitchen floor.

On the side of the bag’s packing material there are pictures of suggested items that can be packed including, food, drink bottles, groceries, wine, baby bottles, and make-up. May I respectfully suggest that they also consider adding cartons of eggs to the samples of packable things?

That’s right. We deliver eggs. We deliver a lot of eggs to whoever wants them and some people can’t get to a refrigerator until they get home from work. It’s not such a problem now when the temperatures are still hovering around freezing but it is a problem in the summer when eggs left in that kind of heat might go bad.

And what a waste that would be.

So I froze the bag and then packed the Packit with two dozen eggs and set off to deliver them to a friend of mine at his work. The top of the bag left a little open area but for what I wanted that was fine. I asked my friend to tell me if the bag was still cool when he got home in the evening.

It was.

Fits two dozen eggs perfectly

Do you know what this means? Many more people will be able to enjoy our eggs. Those who have said no in the past because it would be hours before they got home, can now take our eggs in the Packit and know that they will remain cool and good until they are placed in the fridge at home.

Thanks Packit. It’s a great idea, a great product, and you’ve just made many people in our town a lot happier.

Disclaimer – I was sent a Packit bag to sample. I was not paid for this review. All views are my own.

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One response to “Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 257 – Keeping the eggs cool with Packit bags

  1. Thanks sis: More and more with my food allergies and intolerances I should be packing my own food. I have thought of countless reasons why that isn’t practical, but you and this product have eliminated one of them. Now I might not need the Barbie lunch bag (honestly, the folks marketing Disney and other kid products seem to be a bit ahead of the game in this area.) Thanks.

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