Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 215 – They all live in the house that Tom Built

This is the house that Tom built.

I don’t know that I’ve ever shown the new and improved hen house. This past Spring we asked Tom Quigley to come back and put an addition onto our original coop. We had wanted to expand our flock to include a few more hens (no roosters thank you) and he essentially doubled the interior room as well as the caged exterior space of our previous coop. You can’t see it in the photo but the penned in area now runs along the back side of the coop.

This is the house that Tom built.

Even though Tom built the henhouse in the Spring, it took us (Marc) until the late Fall (can you say Swim team and Soccer) before we could paint it the Storyland Barnyard Red color we have grown used to seeing in our backyard.

These are the chickens that live in the house that Tom built.

This Spring, we ended up getting two sets of 12 chicks (you can only buy chicks in amounts of at least 12 which we didn’t know until it was too late), the 3 witches (including of course Ms. Frizzle), and 3 Seramas (gosh those guys are cute).

We adopted out 8 of our girls, 1 baby chick died (insert frowny face) and one of our Seramas (Princess Tiny) through the magic of hormones became a male (a very loud one at that) and ended up being re-farmed up north.

This is the family that takes care of the chickens that live in the house that Tom built.

That leaves us currently with 34 birds. Some exotic, some pretty spectacular, some “Plain Jane”, some artistically talented, some good eaters, some large, some small, but all members of one big family cared for by us in the lovely red house that Tom built.

Photo Credit: Marc Nozell

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