Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 203 – The perfection that is these eggs

Sometimes perfection is found in the simplest of places. A sunny flower in a field, a child’s laughter, a brilliantly blue sky with cartoon clouds.

Perfection is all around us, it’s everywhere. We just have to pause long enough to see it.

This is what we found in our henhouse over the weekend. 5 beautiful eggs, perfectly placed, ranging in color from toffee brown to blushing rose to one whispering of pale green. All individuals presented as one, united.

5 hens- patiently waiting until the others were done to take their turn – co-operation, trust in and with each other.

5 eggs- the result of service, of partnership, of dependence on each other and us. A promise of potential and faith in tomorrow.

Oh, the spirit raising perfection of these 5 eggs.

The perfection that is these eggs


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