Doing a little blog playing around

Last night in my Blogging class I was showing how to try out new themes on your wordpress blog. I accidentally clicked on the Accept button instead of the Preview button and ended up with this sort of flowery-flowing theme. I went home and added an egg picture as the header  which has since been removed – it just never really grabbed me, nor did it grab one of my students who is a whiz in the advertising world – hey I’m no dummy – I changed.

So I went back to the chicken photo but I’ve kept the colored background instead of the plain white – newspaper type I had before.

Any comments? Do you like this one better, the white better, or meh?



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3 responses to “Doing a little blog playing around

  1. Kristine McLavey

    Definitely the chicken before the egg!
    The color on the page is nice and works better with the chicken image. The jury is still out on the illustration.

    • wethomas


      You are so funny – leave it to you to figure out the perfect answer to the proverbial question of which works best! I’m going to let this sit for a few days before I make my final decision, see if it grows on me.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Karen W

    I like the colored background…seems not as “harsh” as the white which is a little easier on these old eyes! Not sure about the other thou!

    Blogging class, that’s a new one I should look into!

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