Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 160 – How dare you call a chicken’s painting art!

“How dare you call a chicken’s painting  art!”

Feathered Fireworks

Ebay Auction of “Fireworks painting done by chicken

This is in reply to the people out there who are offended that I call my chicken’s painting art.

To those who question this label  – get a cup of tea, sit down, and take a deep breath.

This is a fundraiser. It is going to raise money so that kids will have a safe and imaginative place to play. Relax. I am not belittling your years in art school, I’m not taking away your jobs as teachers.

When money is tight it’s the lesser but still worthy charity efforts that get hurt. The family’s where the Dad is killed, the child is hurt, the house is burned down – they’ll be taken care of. The community comes together to help our own, it’s what we do.

As a writer, I frequently cover charity events and fundraisers. Everyone needs money right now. And as a result of covering these stories I constantly get emails and requests from people who need money. They want me to write about them so that they can get help.

I wish I could. I wish I could help them all.

But I can’t.

So I figured I would do what I could. I discussed this fundraiser with my family. We considered a few options but when Kids Kove came up we knew it was the right choice. Kids and chickens are a natural fit – sort of like The Little Engine Who Could and The Little Red Hen rolled up in one.

With our chicken’s painting it looks like we’re able to help out a 20 year old local playground that needs rebuilding.

How cool is that?

So calm down, I’m reasonably certain that Simon will not be offered a teaching position at a University. I’m pretty sure that she will not be taking any gallery space away from deserving artists. She’s the pet of 6 children who adore her and are amazed at what she can do and at what she is willing to do.

My kids helped with this project – they are learning at a very early age that you don’t have to be big to to make a difference in the world. This is a lesson in banding together for a greater good. It’s a story about doing unto others.

There’s also gentle humor here if you look hard enough.

I call Simon’s art a Masterpiece in much that same way I called all of my first grader’s art Masterpieces as I hung them up on the refrigerator. One of my babies did this. I’m proud of the effort.

To those who say this wasn’t a painting done by a chicken but instead a painting done by a human holding a chicken – to you I say you are right, However, I ask you to hold a chicken and create a painting. You will quickly learn that you can bring a chicken to a canvas but unless she wants to, you can not make her paint.

You’ll soon find out that Simon is a pretty remarkable bird.

So no, I won’t apologize for calling my chicken’s painting art.

Art, good art, is not necessarily for you to like. Good art makes you think, it causes a reaction, like that to a meat dress or a Christo wrapped bridge.

When art is good it makes you stop what you are doing to gaze at it and reflect upon something you hadn’t thought about before. Good art has a meaning, a purpose, it can invoke a guttural response like how the photo of a napalm burned girl running down a street can buckle this mom to her knees in sympathetic pain for a child. Art causes discussion, it causes movement, a wave, new thoughts. And in some cases, art can even cause people to come together, to act for a better good.

Like a painting done by a little chicken seems to have done.


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2 responses to “Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 160 – How dare you call a chicken’s painting art!

  1. Hey sis. Ignore the “true art” debate. It’s an endless pit of spite. As a cellist and American Sign Language stage interpreter I have taken more criticism (and constructive insults) and well intended but hurtful comments, and, actual helpful advice. Today’s dollars are oddly warped around things like Geckos selling insurance, and big green blobby logos cheering for NFL teams. The bottom line is that Kids Kove wasn’t a priority to anyone, and now perhaps it is. Art? Marketing? Hype? it’s so mixed. But, your ethics are solid girl!

  2. Sharon

    I think it is WONDERFUL!!!!! If all people where as creative and loving as Simon what a fantastic society we would have!!
    Cheers from California,

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