Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 123 – Meet our Amberlinks – Here’s Judy-Blume all grown up

Meet our Amberlinks (otherwise known as Dekalb Amberlinks)

Amberlinks have been away from the US market for several years but are back by popular demand. They grow quickly and are consistent egg layers. Amberlinks are hardy birds who adapt to open areas (it’s called “excellent livability”) and are excellent foragers making them a perfect fit for backyard chicken owners and those who want to have free range chickens. (By the way, we consider our chickens free ranged within the safety of a tall fence).

As chicks they are stereotypically yellow and fluffy, fit in the palm of your hand and love to snuggle against the hollow of your cheek. These are the babies that are just begging to be photographed for Easter cards. As they grow however, their yellow fluff turns into creamy white feathers with a touch of light brown added here and there, making them impossible to recognize from their baby pictures.

Amberlinks are standard-sized (medium – just like at Starbucks, you need a translator for the sizes) but are not recognized as a standard breed. They are instead listed as a hybrid resulting from reverse-crossing of the parent line. Amberlinks lay full light to medium rich-brown eggs with an excellent rate of lay (mind out of the gutter here, it means they can lay up to 300+ eggs a year). Here’s something else I’ll bet you didn’t know, they have excellent feather retention throughout the lay making them perfect birds to have during our cold New Hampshire winters, no L.L. Bean Fleece jackets for them, thank you very much.

This beauty happens to be our Judy-Blume Amberlink

We purchased our Amberlinks this spring when we ordered 24 new chicks from the local feed stores. We started off with 12 of these chicks but through adoption and one chick death, we are down to 7, a nice little sub-group on the Venn diagram of our flock.

Amberlinks are incredibly happy and alert birds who truly like to flock together, huddling and sometimes even sleeping on top of their sisters of the same age. They also, like a pack of puppies – regardless of the day, time, weather or reason, will without reservation run up to you as a pack exuberantly chirping their insane happiness to see you whenever you enter the chicken yard making them the absolute best birds on earth to have around when you’re having “one of those days”.

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