Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 103 – No harm no fowl – update on being locked in the henhouse

I know that there was some concern about Addy’s emotional health yesterday after being accidentally locked in the hen house… by her father.. at night…with 34 hens who in the dark look remarkably like birds of prey – but she’s fine.

Addy has grown up hearing the story of how when we were on vacation, I was left behind at a restaurant while my parents drove 50 miles with the 6 other children until they realized I wasn’t there. (and no that didn’t emotionally scar me, not a bit, not one damn bit, damn it).

Addy knows that parents of tribes get harried. We lose track. We stand confused in the middle of rooms trying to convince our minds to release the reasons of why we were summoned. We sometimes accidentally lock our daughters in hen houses.

That’s just the way it goes.

She also knows (from her older brothers’ examples) that children slowly wear down their parent’s brain cells, one by one until all that is left is a spineless mush that says “oh whatever, go ahead and have the last of the brownies for breakfast, I don’t care.”

Addy is aware that parents make mistakes and she’s okay with that. It’s not such a bad lesson to learn when you’re a kid and your primary goal in life is to make your own mistakes in order to learn and grow.

She knows all of this, but let’s face it, Addy is smart, she also knows that Daddy-guilt is a powerful tool in her arsenal and as a result of all this, she is currently lobbying for:

  • A movie, popcorn, sour patch kids, and a bracelet – thanks Gina
  • A pony – thanks Peg
  • Anything she wants – thanks Grandma

For now though, she’s getting hugs and is relishing the fact that she is the episode’s star. The story begins today with “Yesterday when Dad…” with time it will mellow and be introduced with the ever comforting beginning of a really good tale: “Remember the time when?…”

Addy and friend


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2 responses to “Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 103 – No harm no fowl – update on being locked in the henhouse

  1. Addy

    nice mom
    I liked the part where I was dressed up as a pirate! 😉

    love you! ❤

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