A bit of advice for anyone considering a tattoo

A bit of advice for all cool people out there considering tattoos.

I have a total of 4 tattoos. It’s not a big deal after you break down and get your first, I mean where’s the objection? I’m morally opposed to them? I think not.

This past winter after struggling with a surgery that had gone bad and spending too much time doing far too little, I decided to get a small tattoo on my back of my wrist to remind me of three character attributes I should always be aware of, Gratitude, Faith, and Grace.

My plan was when the pain returned (as it seems to a lot even today) when the walking got tough, I could look at my tattoo and remember that things could always be worse, I must be grateful for what I have. The tattoo would be in a spot where I could see it when I type, reminding me that (worst case scenario) even without legs, I would be able to have a job and write. Every day I don’t reach the bottom is nothing but gravy.

I got the initials “ GFG” inked into my skin forever.

I came home from the tattoo shop all pleased with myself on my life decision to go forward and be positive.

When my high-school son got home from school that afternoon, he looked at my freshly inked tat and then raised his eyebrows and asked:

“Mom, why did you get “Good F***ing Game” put on your wrist?”

Prolonged silence followed by a loud Homer Simpson “Doh” self head slap.

According to the all knowing Urban Dictionary (and more importantly my member of the High School community) GFG is a phrase that is often used to show extreme frustration, disappointment, or sarcasm.

And this is on my wrist for the rest of my life.

Here’s the bit of advice for anyone contemplating a tattoo: For the love of God, use Google before you make the commitment.

This is not exactly what I had in mind as my personal inspirational and motivational message.

However, as one who doesn’t believe in coincidences, I’ve discovered it was a pretty strong unanticipated life lesson that was thrown my way. Relax, lighten up, there is a plan – just be still enough to hear it, breath – don’t take it all so seriously. Now, when I look at my wrist, I remember the original intent followed by the cool-kid meaning and I laugh. I smile and laugh.

I can think of worse ways to spend my time than laughing about an unintentional (and let’s face it pretty good) joke on a regular basis.


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4 responses to “A bit of advice for anyone considering a tattoo

  1. Pamme Boutselis

    I love this story. I have two tats, both of which bear messages that have deep meaning for me — I love your son’s reaction and your own going forward as well. It’s just too funny.

  2. I waited until my 30’s to get my first tattoo, because I wanted to be sure it would symbolize something permanent. I finally decided my kids qualified, so there is a small picture symbolizing each one’s personality/focus.

    I only occasionally threaten to have one or more removed.

  3. Your comment about something, i suggest too be it more long as possible.

  4. L Denehy

    Goes to show you that everyone has their own perspective on things, but I like your “meaning” best…. and with the fluidity of the Urban Dictionary, that meaning might change before you know it!

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