The 2009 Fabulous Food Network Magazine Challenge – Resurrected

Last summer we started a challenge where we were going to make every recipe in the June /July 2009 Edition of the Food Network Magazine. There are a total of 67 recipes listed in the index and we made it to 25.

We got a bit sidetracked by two family surgeries, one on Trevor to correct a broken nose born of a gymnastics vault where he decided to land on his face instead of his feet, and one for me to correct a knee born of, well, a life not lived sitting on the sidelines.

In talking to the kids about our plans for this summer more than one asked about “that food thing we did last year”. Unanimously we’ve all agreed to resurrect the challenge for this summer, to finish what we had started.

So even though it’s 2010 we are going to complete The 2009 Fabulous Food Network Magazine Challenge.

2009 June/July Food Network Magazine

As an update from last summer:

  • There are a total of 67 recipes in the June/July issue.
  • We completed 25 of those recipes
  • Which means we have 42 recipes to try this summer

Somehow we managed to do all the alcoholic drinks listed (I think the adults involved provided the necessary incentive to get that category completed- although that Vanilla Dark and Stormy nearly killed me ) and we did well in the burger department (the hands down favorite was the Dallas Burger).

A work in progress

Interestingly, we didn’t get to any of the appetizers, many of the sides, or any of the desserts. I can’t tell you how excited the kids are that we are going to be trying 6 new desserts this summer – in a household where sweets are usually only served on holidays and at parties – this is news comparable to hearing they’ve hit the lottery.

Like last year, we’ll make the recipes according to the instructions, will plate it as best we can compared to the magazine photo and then comment on the preparation, ease, and taste. Last summer with 6 kids all of whom have varying tastes and preferences (including two world class picky eaters and one kid who has texture issues) we tried and (in the majority of cases) truly enjoyed all sorts of new foods and combinations.

In a world filled with chicken nuggets, preformed burgers, and pizza, exposing your family to new recipes made with seasonal fresh ingredients and in which the kids have a hand in creating is one challenge I can definitely get behind.

Looking forward to another culinarily exciting summer much thanks to the Food Network.



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4 responses to “The 2009 Fabulous Food Network Magazine Challenge – Resurrected

  1. enjoyed the postings last year…look forward to following again this summer…definitely would like to try something similar with my brood…Happy Eating!

    • Pete,

      We had a great time last year with this challenge. Not only did we try new foods but it taught my older kids the skill of cooking and food preparation. Knowing that you can make a burger that is more than just a patty of ground beef, or that a salad can contain things other than lettuce and tomatoes has changed how my kids view food.


  2. Gale Taylor

    Will you be letting us know which recipes the family really enjoyed?

    You might like this book called “Nourishing traditions : the cookbook that challenges politically correct nutrition and the diet dictocrats.”

    • Gale,

      I will definitely be reporting on our results. Most went over very well last summer with only a few that although we ate, weren’t our favorites. (the recipe with the anchovies comes to mind).

      It’s a great summer project which teaches the kids much about local and seasonal foods.

      I actually have the Nourishing Traditions cookbook – too many cookbooks, too little time.


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