Cold dogs in cold New Hampshire

I know that I normally write about chickens and children but we also have 3 dogs in this mix that today deserve particular mention.

All the dogs are Maltese – you know those shaggy little white bedroom slipper dogs that bark incessantly when someone comes to the door.

One of our dogs is a rescue, one was purchased, and one was a gift from an adoring Aunt to my children (thanks again Pat).

Maltese are hair dogs. What this means is that they don’t shed (a HUGE plus in my book) and are considered hypoallergenic (and with a tribe of allergic kids, trust me, this is also a big plus).

What it also means is that we have to get the dogs groomed. They need hair cuts.

Ideally you are supposed to get Maltese haircuts every 6-8 weeks but when you have 3 and it’s roughly 50 dollars apiece for a grooming session you tend to stretch it out as long as you can (for the record my kids don’t even get their hair cut every 6-8 weeks).

And when you live in a house that is poorly insulated (I hear wind blowing through our windows) and is often likened to living in Little House on the Prairie in the wintertime (Pa, I’m cold), for the sake of compassion you tend to stretch out the haircuts all winter in order to give the dogs at least a little bit of warmth from their natural coats.

It’s spring now here in New Hampshire. The leaves are out, the early season flowers have come and gone. The sun is warm enough to fry bacon in a pan. It was time to bring my 3 tiny white fluff balls in for their seasonal haircuts (read crewcuts).

What none of us could have anticipated (although you’d think that with my living in NH, I’d know better by now) was that immediately following the haircuts, New Hampshire was plunged in a near-arctic freeze.

We have rain, we have cold weather, we have to pull out the sweatshirts and put on socks.

And we have 3 almost naked, very, very cold dogs.

Here is Digger.

Yup, that's my sweater he's using to stay warm

This one is Pippin.

Pikachu will keep him warm

And last but not least is Nessa Rose.

At least Nessa retains style when she sleeps

They spend entire days under blankets and sleeping (snoring), being induced into some sort of hibernation by the cold.

The only good thing about this? From what I’ve read hypothermia slows down body function. At this rate with limited hair growth on a cellular level, my chilly little puppies may not need another haircut until the year 2012.


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  1. Hey sis, your antics never cease to amaze me! How can so many funny things happen to the same person. What an unusual Karma you have!

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