Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 89 – Good Egg Interview with Janet Evanovich

Who doesn’t love Janet Evanovich?

Not only does she live in New Hampshire (a big plus in my book) and have a terrific sense of humor that absolutely shines in her writing, but she is one of the most beloved, prolific, and consistently excellent writers around.

And, and, and she has written a detective novel where one of the central characters is a dancing chicken. The book is aptly called “Foul Play”. Seriously who could not love someone who writes about chickens?

Janet has written dozens of books but her Stephanie Plum series (One for the Money, Two for the DoughSizzling Sixteen comes out on June 22) are quite arguable her best known and loved books.

Women have formed an affinity with and love this spirited, feisty, and very funny bounty hunter character with attitude who thinks “toxic waste, rabid drivers, armed schizophrenics, and August heat, humidity, and hydrocarbons are all part of the great adventure of living in Jersey. “

Ask any woman, go ahead, any woman who she thinks should play Stephanie Plum in a movie and you’ll get a heated discussion of specific character attributes and behaviors. People see Stephanie Plum in their minds, Janet, accomplished writer that she is has made her fictional character come to life. (By the way, the front runner is Sandra Bullock).

Her book How I Write is one of the best guides out there on how to get started writing and more importantly how to organize your writing and keep motivated in order to keep it coming. That particular book was passed through many hands of my local writer friends.

When I contacted Janet for a Good Egg Interview I was told that she was under heavy deadline and would try to complete the interview if she could. I didn’t really hold my breath, I mean I know the importance of these interviews but when you compare them to a deadline of writing, oh say ANOTHER NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, my little interviews pale in comparison.

But guess what? Janet came back with an interview! She took the time to answer my questions even under deadline and for that she will always be a good egg in my book.

Meet our Janet-Evanovich chick. She's got something to crow about.

Janet Evanovich Good Egg Interview

1. What is the best advice an older relative or family member gave you?

Buy real estate and never chew with your mouth open.

2. If you were given one wish to use anyway you wanted, what would you wish for?

To be able to eat as much birthday cake as I want and never gain weight.

3. If you were allowed the use of a large billboard over a well traveled road, what would you put on the billboard?

“Eat more cake.”

4. What’s the passion that drives you to get up every morning?

Cake. Uh, I mean writing.

5. What is your ideal dinner? What would you eat and with whom would you share it?

Macaroni and cheese with my family. And of course cake.

6. Do you have any favorite chicken stories or memories?

During last year’s book tour, at every signing event, we had a bookstore employee dress up as Mr. Clucky — the mascot for Lula’s favorite restaurant, Cluck-in-a-Bucket.

Thanks for being such a Good Egg Janet!

About Janet Evanovich:

These questions and answers are taken from Janet’s website.

Has Janet written any books other than the Plum novels?
Yes. Prior to the Plum series Janet wrote romance novels. Three under the name Steffie Hall and nine under Janet Evanovich. You can find a complete, printable list of Janet’s published work in the NOVELS section of the website. Also, in 2004, Metro Girl was released followed by Motor Mouth in 2006.

What authors does Janet like to read?
Janet reads Betty and Veronica and Donald Duck comic books. Junie B. Jones by Barbara Park is another favorite. And the books stacked at bedside include Amanda Quick, Nora Roberts, Elmore Leonard, Robert Crais, Robert Parker, and Ridley Pearson (if she’s feeling brave).

How many more Plum books does Janet intend to write?
She doesn’t know. She is currently contracted through Sizzling Sixteen, but doesn’t have any plans to stop writing about Stephanie and the gang. She’s having too much fun!


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2 responses to “Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 89 – Good Egg Interview with Janet Evanovich

  1. Way cool, Wendy.
    I didn’t realize Janet had written a book about writing … with your recommendation, I’m definitely going to check that out!

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