Why I hate my new Verizon Droid

Why I hate my new Verizon Droid

Last week I got a new Verizon Droid. My son and I were ready for a phone upgrade and so we got the two for one (guess who had to pay for the one that was not free?).

We are now a three Droid family and yes, these were the Droids we were looking for.

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The salesman talked me into buying a screen protector as well as a case (because you know you’re going to drop it he said). I declined the insurance (and this is what we call foreshadowing) figuring no one else would be touching my phone save me.

Sure enough during the week, the phone fell from my pocket onto the floor. I held my breath when I picked it up, but no, it was fine, all I had done was dislodge the screen protector which caused a tiny bubble under the plastic.

Lesson learned, don’t transport your Droid in your pocket.

I carried on with my life which included going back (yet again) to Physical Therapy for a nasty chronic knee problem that doesn’t seem to be resolving. Its left me in pain, walking with a limp (especially after my torturous PT sessions) and wearing a metal support brace full time.

My knee is rapidly de-compensating and it doesn’t look like there is much I can do to stop it.

On Saturday I went to a yard sale. A man who was running the sale, when he saw me tenderly walking down his driveway grabbed a knee brace from a table, wrapped it around his leg and with an exaggerated limp yelled out to me “Hey, look. We’re twins.”

“Pay no attention to him, he thinks he’s funny”, his wife said to me.

Well he’s not I replied as I turned around to get back into my car.

So you see, I was not in a good mood when about an hour later at my daughter’s soccer game when looking at my Droid I realized that that small bubble was actually a crack that had now spread across a corner of the screen.

Are you kidding me? I’ve had this thing for a week and it’s broken? A gentle fall from my stubby 30 inch legs is enough to do it in?

I went to the Verizon store wanting someone to acknowledge my outrage. Does anyone anywhere build solid durable products anymore?

The young salesman (kid) I spoke to brushed me off like a fly on his Hazelnut Mocha latte. How dare I question the Droid.

I got the well rehearsed speech of “ if you had only gotten the insurance”. The only way to fix the crack is to buy a new Droid. Not gonna happen.

I realize I dropped the phone, I realize I should have paid the extra money each month just in case. But what I didn’t realize is that these Droids are made to be so fragile that a bump (not even enough to scratch the protector case) is enough to damage these things.

And yeah I know it’s a touch screen.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my Droid. I love that I can access my email anywhere and that it saved me when I got lost the next town over and needed immediate directions to find the Soccer fields. My kids like the game apps that they keep downloading and hiding in a folder called “Don’t look here Mom”.

But I hate my Droid because I hadn’t realized how they are made with a planned short life span. You’re not supposed to keep your Droid for a long time. It’s not going to last a lifetime. The Droid with everyday use is made to break down. It’s just a matter of when.

So now every time I look at my Droid, I’m reminded that cheap production is rampant. It’s the way it is. Things are made to break so that you have to buy another product soon. Someone needs to make money.

And every time I see that crack I get the message loud and clear that nothing is made to last anymore, not even my knee.


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10 responses to “Why I hate my new Verizon Droid

  1. It sure seems that electronics are becoming “disposable” just when they should be the opposite, with all of the hype of going “green”. I never buy the insurance for the same reason. I feel it’s another way for them to sell poor quality items and milk us for some extra money.
    My husband broke his phone a year or so ago, and was able to buy a used one on ebay and used the parts off one to repair the other, something you might look into.
    On a happier note, I love reading about your chickens and plan to build a backyard coop next year. Hang in there!

  2. Kim J

    I don’t know how many times I have dropped my Droid since December. I do have few minor marks on my phone (not the screen tho) but amazingly enough, it is still usable. It is strong and I think it is good quality. I have dealt with many cell phones and I have used low quality phones. I think Droid is better quality than most.

    I never accept the insurance either. If I needed to get another phone, Ebay is a great place to start.

  3. I know you can get iPod screens replaced relatively inexpensively (especially compared to the cost of getting a new one); maybe you can do the same for the phone.

  4. Ugh, I just hate the concept of planned obsolescence. It it really is, isn’t it? Not your knee, of course, but the rest. Just ugh.

  5. Love how you can take a small, personal incident and flip it into a thought-provoking statement on some big concept. Nicely done, as always.

    Personally, I’m an iPhone junkie. So far, knock on wood, it’s taken a decent amount of abuse and stood strong. My friend, however, recently ran over her 3-month old iPhone with her minivan. For the record, it’s a solidly built piece of hardware, but it can’t withstand the impact of a mommy-mobile.

  6. phil

    if you are going to buy a phone worth hundreds of dollars, invest in a quality, protective case. the case may cost the price of a a few months of insurance but at least you won’t have to pay the $100 deductible to get a crappy refurbished phone. i have dropped every phone i own. now that i use expensive smart phones, i buy nice cases to protect my investment. don’t buy generic cases from the phone carrier’s store. check out companies like Seidio, INCASE, Otterbox, and Case-mate. Read reviews on Amazon and you will find something that meets your needs.

    • wethomas

      Great advice. I had bought a case and thought that was sufficient but later when my son was complaining about his case, we looked at mine and realized the sales clerk had put both my son’s and my phone cases on wrong. As a result the top part did not sit flush.

      Did it contribute to the screen cracking when it dropped? We’ll never know, but I would add to your advice, not only get a good protective case but make sure it is put on correctly.

      Thanks for the comments.


  7. Dave

    I love how someone can take their own clumsyness and to be frank, stupidity and blame it on a product. First thing is first….noone twisted your arm, u purchased the obviously clearing looking expensive large glass screen phone…..an obvious risk of breakage phone…..I have had my hero for a year n has fallen mult times even flat on screen n its fine so these products are built well…..n second u don’t spend big bucks n not kick the extra few bucks for insurance…..the Droid models r made to last my friend……with an always growing app market and constantly updated and stable OS’s with sturdy think bodies. Than there r cases or holders, they r cheap. This I’m sry to say is chalked up to irresponsible future outlook n stupidity

    • Wendy Thomas

      Well Dave, you’re correct in saying that I had assumptions. I have had several phones in the past that I’ve dropped with no problems at all. I assumed that that trend would happen.

      Lesson has been learned. Next time I will get the insurance.

      However the story doesn’t really end there. What I eventually found out is that the case (I did buy when I purchased the phone) was put on backward by the sales clerk. (he put it on wrong on my son’s phone also which is how we figured this out). This meant that the top half of the droid did not sit flush with the bottom and was unnaturally raised on the outside angles.

      Interestingly the corner where the crack occurred was where the raised angle was most severe. Did the stressed angle contribute to the crack? We’ll never know but I certainly have my suspicions.

      Since then the phone case has been removed and put back on correctly and I’ve had no further problems.

      So yes, I can put a big letter N on my chest for being Naive in thinking the new phone was sturdy but in all fairness I think the guy at the phone store can put a big M on his chest for Moronically not knowing how to put a case on the phone.

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