One Hour or Die – AMA daily exercise – a new gym rat is born (hint it’s not me)

Even though I didn’t report in on Friday (I blame the High School Latin Trip – which was a blast by the way – Odds Bodkin is a God in the story telling department) I still exercised at the gym last week.

In fact I have exercised every day so far in May.

Oh and lately, the TV du jour has been episodes of Law and Order Special Victim’s Unit – if that show doesn’t get your heart rate up, consider yourself dead. I’m thinking of making an MP3 that just plays that da-dum, da-dum – jail door closing sound over and over to play while I’m on the treadmill.

This past week I was joined at the gym by one of my sons who discovered that his soccer clothes from last year didn’t quite fit this season. This is a kid whose job, I reminded him, is to grow but as he put it, he is supposed to grow up and not out. Point made. Now I have a gym buddy who as it turns out is one of those guys who loves to go to the gym, he’s sort of like a dog when you happen to mention the word “walk”.

Can we go now, mom, can we, can we?

This actually is not the worst thing as he does motivate me to go. One day last week, both he and I didn’t get to the gym until 8:00 at night. The day had been so hectic (soccer practice, band practice, and science fair), that was the first time I could get away. It would have been easy to skip a day (what’s one day right?) but when you have someone under-armoured and panting excitedly at the door ready to go it’s pretty hard not to say – sure.

Which again begs my point of this entire challenge, I’m going every day to the gym, every single day to prove a few points; 1. that it’s not realistic to expect middle aged women (who often have kids) to work out for one hour every day and 2. If you do work out for one hour a day, then you are going to be doing a little more than maintaining your body weight.)

Who are these middle-aged women, the American Medical Association is talking about? Do they not have kids? Do they not have jobs or community commitments?

Do they not have a life?

I’m beginning to think that those guys over at the American Medical Association have watched The Stepford Wives one too many times.

However, In a spectacular case of deja vu my weight is up 1.4 pounds from last week. This is the very reason why I had literally gone years without stepping on a scale. I mean which is a better indicator of health? A flatter tummy or smaller numbers on the scale. I guess both go hand in hand but please, give me a tiny break here.

But this challenge has nothing to do with a flatter stomach and instead has everything to do with that red LED blinking on the scale screen.

So for me it will be back to the gym with my eager son again and again for the rest of the month as I try my hardest to prove that although exercise is good (no argument there) suggesting that women do it for one hour a day for the rest of their lives simply to maintain their weight is just not fair.


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2 responses to “One Hour or Die – AMA daily exercise – a new gym rat is born (hint it’s not me)

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  2. Wrote a blog entry last night about women who DON’T need to exercise – I don’t care what the AMA says!

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