Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 76 – Chicken parties and broken bones

Last year, as part of a personal challenge, I tried to see if I could hold a children’s birthday party for under 10 dollars. Not only was I able to do it but the kids went to the movies (at the local library) ate cake, candy and ice cream and even did some crafts for a total of $3.19.

This year I wasn’t necessarily trying to come in under 10 dollars but I was still trying to make it thrifty.

Why not use the chickens, I thought? They provide easy free entertainment and a great learning opportunity.

When the party started, I had the kids sit off to the side and we let out the larger birds. I talked about what we do to take care of them and about the different types of eggs we get. The piece de la resistance was, of course, the baby chicks that we brought out for the kids to see.

The kids had plastic eggs filled with candy, peeps on their cupcakes, ice cream and a box of chocolate marshmallow eggs to take home. Many thanks go to the half price Easter remains.

The day was bright, sunny, and warm and after the cake the kids decided to play hide and go seek. All was well until someone came running up to me telling me that my daughter Emma was hurt.

Turns out Emma was hiding under the canoe and when someone stepped on the canoe it rocked forward catching her arm.

And breaking it.

It was clear Emma’s arm was broken (you just know when the pain is really pain and not just scared pain) but I couldn’t get her to a Dr. until my husband came home from a gymnastics meet in CT to take over the party. While the rest of her guests ran and played and had fun, my daughter sat on a bench with her arm held still watching her party from afar.

Oh sing the praises of frozen corn!

So for all my frugal planning, the actual party ended up coming in under 10 dollars for all of the supplies and entertainment (thank you little chickies). Another successful thrifty party.

However with the copay for the temporary cast, another co-pay to see the orthopedic guy who will put on a real cast, and then another co-pay to get it taken off, then add that to the money we’ll need to spend to make sure Emma is compliant with a cast on the soccer field, we are looking at what turned out to be a very expensive party.

I could have rented one of those outrageous party venues for the money I ended up spending on this birthday party.

But then little Emma wouldn’t have gotten the warrior story that she’ll be able to crow about for years to come.

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  1. For Christmas 2008 my daughter got snowboard lessons (beginning in 2009) that became similarly expensive when she injured her wrist. Hope Emma is feeling better soon!

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