Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 74 – Quelle Horreur! another chick gets sick

Quelle Horreur! Another chick got sick. The smallest of the Amberlinks started getting lethargic and breathing heavily following in the footsteps of the one that died.

We immediately removed her from the other chicks and put into chick ICU with food, water, and heat. Come on, little one, we whispered to her, come on.

She didn’t move much and just stood there with her eyes closed. Oh no, I thought, this does not look good.

I kept a constant watch on her as I moved her ICU unit (let’s get real, it’s really just a shoe box) next to my computer so I could be near if she was struggling. A few times I brought her over to the water and dipped her beak in, hoping against hope that maybe she would take a sip.

She stood still, very, very, still.

She was a day older than the other chick had been when it got sick and a day in a chick’s life is like 10 dog years, so she had that going for her. Every day a bit stronger.

We waited and waited and while the first one got worse in a matter of hours, this one just sort of stabilized neither getting better nor worse.

And then she took a bite of food. And a drink of water.

Still not convinced she was going to make it, we all went to bed with a heavy heart. But in the morning, she was still alive and she was eating and drinking. By the next morning miraculously she was strong enough to return to the flock. Although she can’t peep like her sisters, she’s active and eating and drinking. We’ve marked her with ink to make sure we keep an eye on her but as she is the smallest of all, it isn’t that tough. She’s there playing with the big girls.

Remember that book our mothers read to us about the Little Engine that could. The one who because she used positive affirmation got herself to first believe that she could do a near impossible task of which she ultimately performed?

It’s a great little morality story that was re-enforced every time we said we couldn’t do anything. Just think you can our mothers would coach us. Just think you can.

The purpose of this post is to remind us of that lesson we all learned when we were children. “I think I can, I think I can” That even though we may be the smallest engine on the fleet or the tiniest chick in the flock, we can do it if we are willing to accept help and just try.

And when we are the tiniest or when that hill simply looks too tall, if we try really hard, we just might be surprised at how many people are in the background rooting for us.



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2 responses to “Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 74 – Quelle Horreur! another chick gets sick

  1. When our cockatiel got a respiratory infection our bird guy told us to put the bird in a room about 90 degrees for a week. We did, and put some antibiotics in the water. The bird was better, but as we were warned, he had a set back. The bird store didn’t have the right antibiotic, and our bird really didn’t like the other stuff. Should have pounced on that cue. As well, being quiet in the hot room wasn’t really helpful for our very outgoing bird. I think more love and attention and holding would have done the trick. Lessons learned. I’m amazed at how smart birds are, how much they can communicate to you, and how interdependent they are with us.

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