Easter Dinner on a Portion Plate, a walk and no bugs

For those of us living in New Hampshire, this past Sunday, Easter, was glorious.

Not a rain cloud in the sky, not a puddle in the roads. We sat outside in our short-sleeved shirts around a small fire soaking up the warmth and holiday company. Long snow hidden corners of yards were explored once again and moods were as bright as the sunshine.

And no bugs.

Not one of our famous New Hampshire black flies was out, a rare and blessed day it was.

The weather was so good that we decided to have our Easter meal outside. We had the traditional Easter ham (the only time of the year that we ever get a spiral cut ham), salad, yams, green beans and as a special treat Chocolate bread which is another treat we only have once a year.

I wanted to use the Portion Plate to show the kids that even with Holiday dinners, it was possible to eat a healthy and balanced meal. Holidays, I told them, do not have to be synonymous with gluttony. On the Portion Plate our meal looked like this.

Easter dinner on a Portion Plate

Even though it was a holiday and even though food is a big part of Easter, it is still possible to eat healthy amounts and be satisfied. We sat and ate and conversed with friends.

And when we were done, instead of going into the TV room, loosening our belts and watching a movie. We cleared the table and went for a walk by the woods by the river.

It was indeed, a glorious day here in New Hampshire.


I received samples of these products from the manufacturer for review.  I received no other compensation for this post.  My words and my opinions are my own.


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