Portion Plates and Doritos – it can be done

We’re nearing the end of our family Portion Plate experiment. Last night at dinner, I asked my daughters to put my dinner on a Portion Plate. It was a soccer night so dinner was one of those “get it on the table quick” varieties. We had meatloaf, salad, carrots, and Doritos (please, I never buy those but when the local store has a sale of buy one get two free then Yup I’m going to buy a few bags).

I ate the meal on the plate and was satisfied; there was no need to go back for anything.

Now here’s the interesting thing. When the girls went to plate the chips, they put about 7 chips on the dish. When you looked at the plate it looked like a healthy sized portion. If you looked at the serving size on the bag for the chips, however, it stated that a serving size was 12 chips.

That’s 5 extra chips and more importantly that 5 extra chips’ worth of calories that were completely unnecessary.

Just as some of the food portion sizes err on being too small (a small bottle of orange juice is actually 2.5 servings), other portion sizes err on being too large. You need to eat a lot more of bland food in order to feel full.

One of the best lunches I have ever had was at Harrod’s Department store in London when I was visiting with my two older sons. I was served a perfect chicken and brie sandwich made with quality fresh ingredients. Along with the sandwich came just a few perfect Greek olives and a small handful of some potato chips that actually tasted like potatoes.

You would have thought we had come from a different world. We kept saying things like, “Man I can really taste the chutney”, and “The olives at home don’t taste like these.”

My point to this is that if we use quality ingredients (Yes I know that Doritos don’t fit into that category) and if we use realistic portions like on a Portion Plate and not the ones the manufactures want us to use (ahh, see, here’s where the Doritos come in) then we will never, ever have to use sugar-free chemically enhanced diet foods.

We could be eating quality, good tasting food and not have to ever worry about calories and weight gain.

What a world that would be.


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