Portion Plates Experiment – the first day

Oh there was excitement in our household last night!

The girls, in anticipation of eating off the Portion Plates set the table with placemats and the plates well before the dinner was ready. They made a salad, got the carrots ready and then steamed the broccoli.

On deck for the main course was Griffin’s Great sandwich (sausage, red and orange peppers, and some melted cheddar cheese).

I asked the girls to serve the food – I wanted to see if they could follow the directions on the plate. This is what they served. (note this is a blue plate which means it is a kid’s plate).

Not bad, not bad at all.

The girls were so excited about this experiment that they prepared a packed lunch for school the next day based on the ½ the meal is fruits and vegetables, ¼ protein, and ¼ carbs.

One of my boys was not so enamored with the plates when he found out that he couldn’t have seconds on the sandwich until he finished his first plate of food. I wasn’t trying to restrict his food (or god forbid force him to eat when he didn’t want to) I was simply trying to impress upon him that he was welcome to eat seconds as long as he completed a balanced meal first.

With lots of grumbling, he ate all of his salad, carrots, and broccoli and then discovered that he wasn’t hungry anymore.

Imagine that.

Earlier in the day, I had dropped off a plate for my son who is attending and residing at a local college. I have to give the boy credit, he readily accepted his assignment to both use the plate in the cafeteria as well as send a picture of his dinner home.

This is what Spencer had for dinner on the adult sized plate:

Turkey sandwich, apple, pickles, and water

Lookin’ good.

I’d say that the first day of our Portion Plates experiment went very well. Let’s see if the we can all keep up the momentum.


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  1. Mary

    I enjoy the blog! Keep it up! You may want to check out my blog, too – I think you’d especially enjoy the entry titled ‘I just don’t get it.’

    Best to you!


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