Why so much emphasis on saving money? the kids made me do it.

Why do we work so hard at saving as many pennies as we can?

Well beside the most obvious answer that it just doesn’t make sense to me to spend more money than you need to … on anything. (I mean, just why would you?) We also save money where we can so that we can do things with and for our tribe of kids. I don’t care how much money you make, if you have 6 kids, it means you have to be careful with how your cash is allocated. (It also means that instead of buying new seat cushions, you learn to turn them over and pretend that you don’t know they have been destroyed by the dogs).

We’re able to let our kids do things like the afterschool ski program (and how lucky we are to live somewhere where there even is an afterschool ski program). Even at the mountain though, I pack dinners instead of buying the expensive cafeteria food, hey pennies are pennies.

Because we watch pennies our kids are also able to be on soccer teams (the girls are even on travel soccer teams), swim teams, and one of our sons is even on a competitive gymnastics team. (If you don’t think gymnastics is an expensive sport, think again).

So no, we don’t save our money so that we will be millionaires when we retire (although that would have been nice) and we don’t save it to buy new cars each year (or even a new cell phone for that matter). Instead we save our money so that our kids can participate in life as much as they can while under our guidance knowing full well that it will be those very same kids who will one day be the ones to choose our nursing home.

Where's Waldo (Trevor?) Standing under the man with the red shirt.

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