Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 52 – the curious case of the Chicken Lady

In the curious case of Wendy Thomas – who is not getting younger but is turning into the Chicken Lady a little more each and every day, I thought I’d show you what starts to happen when you have chickens.

You start getting things like this for gifts.

The teeny tiny chicken family

Yup, just like Benjamin Button, apparently I have regressed to the point where people think it is appropriate to give me small plastic farm animals again. In what is worthy of a Twilight episode, my children are finding immense joy in discovering and presenting me with toys which they feel are “just perfect” for me.

These little figurines beg the question you are probably thinking right now: where does one put a family of small (and yet remarkably detailed and realistic looking) chickens?

The answer of course is that you put them next to the opal glass rooster given to me by my son who loves all things shiny right there on the bathroom shelf.

The opalite rooster

He just knew I would love it.

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