Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 51 – Peace in the neighborhood once again

Out last rooster is gone and now our neighbors can sleep easier (as well as stop harassing my youngest daughter about the noise – sigh).

Our pretty little boy Currier, of the pair Currier and Ives, found a new home with Val who has chickens of her own.

Ives is going to miss you buddy

We had thought that when we got rid of the two larger roosters Currier might settle down. After all, we reasoned, he’s a little guy, how loud could his crow be?

This is what his crow sounded like at two in the morning.

Imagine you are fast asleep. Someone quietly tip-toes up to the side of your bed and with one fell swoop pounds a 3 inch nail into your brain.

Yup, that’s pretty much how it went. Currier definitely picked up the slack after his two brothers flew the coop.

Currier went upstate to live with a new flock (again, not a euphemism for SUNDAY DINNER!) I met Val through an ad I put on Craigslist. She was excited to get Currier and have him meet her 2 porcelain D’ ucle hens. Just look at the photo of these cuties.

Currier is going to be very happy with these lovely ladies

So fear not, Currier will have a wonderful life surrounded by adoring hens and will able to crow to his heart’s desire.

And we will finally have peace in the neighborhood once again.

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