Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 50 – Give a talk and they will come

I recently gave a talk at a fundraising event at Barnes and Noble in Nashua supporting the Friends of the Nashua Public Library. The talk was called:

Project Chickens before the Eggs, or Who Needs Prozac When You Have Chickens?

The talk was well attended and most importantly, apparently I held everyone’s attention as no one got up to leave during the hour long presentation. (Trust me, this is such a big thing when you are standing in front of an audience.)

People not walking out during my chicken talk

I was able to talk about the stories of our chickens, the joy they have brought, and how they have changed our lives and have taught us about life in general.

Little Simon’s story was there – she was the littlest chick, destined to not make it through the night because she was so timid she hid under the wings of the bigger birds and ended up getting her feathers glued together from chicken poop. (Hey, poop happens.) Not only did she make it through the night but as of today she is alive and well and contributing eggs to the family.

She proved to us that even from the smallest of places can come the greatest of strengths.

I was able to show some of our eggs to which I received a comment “did you dye these?”

The answer is no. Our hens lay green, blue, white, and brown eggs. Every day is like an Easter egg hunt at our chicken coop.

And I was able to talk about Tom, our chicken coop builder ( whom I greatly admire and hope to one day write a novel so that I can secretly include him as a character.

I was overjoyed to share our chicken experiences with others. There was much interest in our birds and I even got a laugh or two. I certainly look forward to sharing more stories in the future.

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