Dad’s Third World Hash – who knew?

With everyone home for the holidays you can probably only begin to imagine how much food we have to hunt, gather, and prepare for consumption on a daily basis. Having 6 kids and 2 adults in the house is kind of like preparing a Thanksgiving dinner three times a day, every day – for the rest of your life.

It can become a bit much. Which is what led to Marc’s hash recipe that has quickly become one of our favorite lunches.

Marc sautéed some (lots of) onions in olive oil, then he browned a tube of Jimmy Dean sausage broken up into bits. (apparently the secret ingredient is that it MUST be Jimmy Dean’s) Once the sausage was cooked, it was removed from the pan and frozen hashed brown potatoes were added (the loose kind, not the ones in pre-formed bricks) and cooked until brown and crispy.  

After the potatoes were cooked, they were added to the meat and onions, placed on the table and the dinner bell was rung.

It certainly smelled good enough but when we got to the table and saw what was for lunch, a few of us wrinkled our noses. It was lumpy and white and brown. It didn’t exactly look like something that we would want to eat.

Seriously, does this look appetizing to you?

Um, Marc – it looks like something they would serve in a third world country, I told him.

But as firm believers in waste not, want not and knowing full well that there were indeed people in the third world who were literally dying for a meal like this, we reluctantly tried it.

We had a bowl full.

Then we had another.

Then we all fought for the remains.

Griffin hunkering down with Dad's Thrid World Hash

And with that experience, Dad’s Third World Hash was born. It may not be the prettiest food but it sure is tasty and for very little money, you can apparently feed this entire tribe of ours.

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