Simple Thrift Column – Nashua Telegraph November 03, 09 – thrifty holiday gifts

Wendy Thomas – Simple Thrift

Published: Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Getting ready for the holidays columnists653

Oh, boy, the holidays are coming. And you know what that means: gifts – tons of gifts – and that usually means lots of money. In an effort to provide meaningful gifts that don’t break the bank, I’ll be exploring some inexpensive gift ideas in upcoming columns.

For example, this year instead of giving “things” to people who already have enough “things,” I’m going to try and put together family events.

For example, one family event could be a coupon for a Redbox rental, some microwave popcorn, and a large box or two of movie candy. With the hectic lives we all live, who wouldn’t appreciate a fun pre-planned evening at home watching a movie with snacks?

Another event for a family with small children would be to provide a “Night before Christmas” package. You could include a sugar cookie mix, hot chocolate, a holiday music CD, a “Night before Christmas” book and, of course, reindeer food (oatmeal and glitter) to put out on the snow so Santa’s sleigh can find its way. A gift like this would provide a memory that would last longer than a holiday Barbie doll’s would.

Thrifty event gifts can be put together for teachers, bus drivers and even team coaches. You don’t have to spend much, you just have to think about how can I make someone’s life a little more comfortable, relaxed, and fun this holiday season?

Using those leftovers

In response to my request for egg dishes, I got these two really tasty and easy recipes; I’ve made them both in our house. The Crescent Breakfast Dish is worthy of company – and a large crowd – while the Eggs over Noodles is a tummy-warming comfort dish that would be welcome at any time of the day.

This thrifty egg recipe comes from Jane Acquino, of Nashua, who says about the dish: “Yummo! It has been a favorite go-to recipe of mine for many, many years. This is good especially if you go to a brunch or potluck.”


Crescent rolls
6-7 eggs, depending on the 
Cooked bacon
Whatever else you want to put on 
 it – green peppers, crumbled 
 sausage, onions, you get the 

Roll out the crescent rolls in a baking dish or cookie sheet that has a lip. After beating the eggs (I usually add a little milk, salt and pepper), pour it over the crescent rolls. Add whatever goodies you want on it; crisp bacon is always my favorite.

Bake at 350 degrees until the crescent rolls are fluffy and the eggs are cooked, about 20-25 minutes.


Here’s a great way to use both eggs and leftover noodles for a satisfying dish. Paula Super, of Merrimack, writes:

“My mom would cook us Egg over Noodles for weekend breakfast, and we loved it. My grandchildren now love it, only I use whole-grain pasta for them. Put olive oil in the pan, add cold cooked noodles from the night before, scramble the eggs and pour over the warmed (or a little browned) noodles. I add cheese sticks that I have shredded up, or to make it richer, add Pecorino/Romano cheese.’

“When I make this for myself, I add sauteed garlic, onion or just some frozen veggies that I have slightly cooked in the microwave.”


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