The Fall Fairy – a favorite family tradition

I recently gave a talk to Merrimack Friends & Family which is a great service and social club for women and their families in Merrimack, NH. While talking about thrifty ways we have fun in our family, I told them that one way to add fun and memories into our lives is to have inexpensive but meaningful family traditions that the kids look forward to each year.

For example, in the fall the Fall Fairy visits our house.

The way you call the Fall Fairy to your house is to catch a falling leaf before it can touch the ground and lose its magic. This is done by taking the kids to the woods on a bright, fall afternoon and setting them lose to run and chase the falling leaves. If you don’t catch a leaf, the Fall Fairy doesn’t visit so even the teenagers are good heartedly involved in the chase.

Once you have the leaf you then place it under you pillow before you go to bed that evening.

The Fall Fairy is called with a beautiful fall leaf.

The Fall Fairy is called with a beautiful fall leaf.

During the night, the Fall Fairy comes and delivers a new warm pair of socks signaling that summer is over and colder weather is here.

Amazingly she matches the socks up with the kids’ personalities. The girls get brightly patterned socks, the boys get sports socks and our out-doors-loving guy gets hiking socks.

It’s a tradition we’ve had since the kids were very young, it doesn’t cost much but it’s something the kids look forward to each year and will pass on, I’m sure, when they have their own children.

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