Vapur – This just might be the world’s best water bottle

In doing some research for an upcoming article on The Top Ten Things You Should Give Your College Student this Holiday Season, I came across what just might be the world’s best water bottle.

Vapur - world's best water bottle

Vapur - world's best water bottle

It’s called Vapur and it is advertised as the anti-bottle. Here’s what is so neat about it, it stands like a bottle when full but folds, rolls, or flattens when it is empty. That’s right, it is a 16 oz reusable water bottle that comes with an attachment clip that can fold up and go into your pocket when it is empty. It’s sort of like those juice pouches but much sturdier.

Just think of all the empty water bottles parents have to carry around at parks and playgrounds, not anymore. Think of the hiking possibilities, when the water is done, you don’t have to carry a hard formed empty container. Think of just going for a walk, you don’t have to carry a heavy or bulky container when you are finished with your water, just roll this baby up and stash it in your pocket.

Vapur sent us some bottles to try out and trust me; my kids put these bottles through the ringer. I saw them thrown on the ground (as in water break is over – get back into the soccer game). I saw them used during hikes. Ice was added to some of the bottles and one child even froze her bottle of water. Even though we have several kinds of bottles available, this is the one the kids went back to every time.

There is a spot on the bottle where you can write a name, they are top rack dishwasher safe, made in the USA, and are (absolutely best of all) BPA Free and can be easily cleaned.

How cool is this?

How cool is this?

I must also say that the cool factor of these bottles had everyone who saw them ask me about them. How neat is it when they can create a practical item that when used frequently will reduce your carbon footprint. They ask you to join the community and share your stories at the Vapur site  

When you have 6 kids in sports, along with a mom who is constantly on the go and needs water too, these bottles are our family’s new favorites.

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