Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 37 – Those darn males in the house

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The amazing only egg

The amazing only egg

We are back to an eggless world. (Oh how sad is an eggless world). This of course, is not surprising. When chickens are involved in a move (for example, from one owner to another). Their internal clocks are messed up. Much like women under stress, chickens can momentarily lose their cycles.

Our two hens old enough to lay eggs are still “settling in.”

We were lucky to get that fist egg when we did. I think the only reason we got it was that it was clearly in transit and, well ladies, you know when you have to push, you have to push.

Some other things you may not know about hens. They don’t need a rooster around in order to lay eggs. That would be like saying I need a man in the house in order to make my morning coffee.

Hens lay eggs (supposedly, from what I hear, a lot, but what do I know). It’s what they do.

Roosters, although considered eye candy in the fowl world, pompously strut around the yard taking what they want at will. They scratch feathers off during their amorous trysts and run after, often attacking, anyone or thing that gets too close to their possessions.

If we want baby chicks, even then, we still don’t need a rooster in the coop. Next spring if we find ourselves with a brooder (a hen that likes to sit in her nest on the eggs) then we might try to hatch a few eggs and because we don’t have that rooster, we would buy some fertilized eggs.

You see there is always a work-around for those darn roosters.

The problem with doing that, however, is that fertilized eggs are not sexed meaning you could get female and male chicks. This brings us right back to the original problem of having a rooster in the hen house (or more importantly a crowing rooster in the neighborhood).

Isn’t it funny that in the chicken world, as in the human world, so much aggravation comes from having a male in the house?

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