Tips on How College Students Can Save Big Bucks

Guest Post –

I am happy to present this informative guest post written by Rose Jensen who writes an online degree programs blog. As many of our kids have just gone or will be going back to college soon, you’ll find some timely thrifty advice and suggestions here.


College is an exciting time for many students. It will be their first time living away from home, their first time doing their own laundry, their first time cooking and eating on their own, and ouch, the first time shelling out their own cash for everything from toilet paper to textbooks. Luckily, there are easy ways to get the most bang out of their bucks so students can keep their wallets, checking accounts, and parents happy. west hall

School Supplies

  1. Buy textbooks from or Amazon. University bookstores are convenient, but for that convenience, textbook prices are sky-high. Students can get the same books for less than half it would cost at the university bookstore if they buy them online from other individuals. Just remember to factor in the cost and time of shipping to ensure that the best deals are found and that the books will arrive in time for class.
  2. Visit the dollar store. Notebook paper is notebook paper, whether it costs $1 or $3. The dollar store is a great place to find perfectly fine supplies for much less than other stores.
  3. Reuse old supplies. Some spirals from yesteryear become forgotten as the semester goes on. Instead of pitching these in the trash, simply tear out the already used pages and keep the spiral for the new semester. The same goes for used binders, pens, and other supplies. Not only will reusing supplies save money, it will also cut down on the amount of trash thrown out.

Dorm Living

  1. Use dairy crates as storage. Dairy crates are inexpensive, stackable, and easily rearranged. They make great storage bins and organizers for all the things college students inevitably collect.
  2. Make friends and buy in bulk. Buying in bulk cuts down on costs and trips to the store, but not all college students will find a use for a 5-gallon tub of detergent. Therefore, become friends with the neighbors and split the cost and item and both parties will save.
  3. Do one dryer load. While darks and lights should be done in two separate wash cycles, they can be combined in the dryer. That is, unless the load is from a month’s worth of dirty laundry. Instead of paying for two dry cycles, students can save about $1.50 each time they do laundry by only opting for one combined dry cycle.

Social Living

  1. Use the school ID. Many places have discounts for students with university IDs, which can help students save at movie theatres, restaurants, and even some retail stores. Always ask if there is a student discount, even if it is not written anywhere.

This post was contributed by Rose Jensen, who writes about the online degree programs. She welcomes your feedback at Rose.Jensen28@

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