Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 24 – The second basket

My son and I were recently at a consignment store where I found a great old round bottomed basket with a long looped handle.

This will be grand to use when we start gathering our chicken eggs (still about 2 months out) I said to him. I draped the basket over my arm and sort of sashayed through the store like Cinderella happily surrounded by her chickens.

Won’t this be just perfect? I murmured.

In typical teenaged fashion, my son rolled his eyes and started walking away from me pretending he didn’t know who this crazy woman was.

I brought the basket home eager to show the other kids some of whom are as fairy tale driven as I.

Griffin looked at the basket. His brow wrinkled, he paused and then he turned to me and said, “You know that that basket won’t do. We’ll have to get another one.”

A little miffed at his immediate dismissal of my fantasy, I asked him WHY NOT? I was getting set to lay into him about making due with what you have and all those other lessons I’ve been preaching to him since the day he was born.

“We’ll have to get another one mom, so that we never have to put all of our eggs in one basket.”

That’s my boy.

The not-all-in-one basket

The not-all-in-one basket

And thus the not-all-in-one basket was born. I attached a hook to a tree by the hen house and hung a second basket. We may never have to use it but it’s nice to know it’s there if we need it.

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