Lame Goose – Wonderful Outdoor Game for Children

The sun is out, the weather is nicer and the kids are still inside watching TV and playing video games. When we were young, we tell them, we stayed outside until our moms rang the dinner bell letting us know we had to come home.

Photo Credit: Strocchi

Photo Credit: Strocchi

Nowadays, it seems that kids don’t know how to play outside any more. They are not familiar with the games that seemed as natural to us as kids.

My kids are good about trying out new outdoor games so when Marc picked up a 1923 Edition of 40 Games for School, Home and Playground by Ethel F. Acker at a book sale, I was thrilled. There are at least 4 different women’s names (presumably teachers) written inside the front cover. Throughout the book, these women have thoughtfully marked the games they found most useful and fun for their classes.

I found this game in the book which has it all, suspense, drama, rules that must be adhered to, and success when something “lame” succeeds in catching someone else. My younger kids will play this game with the neighbors for hours.

All you need for this game is a yard, a bunch of kids, and some time to play.

Lame Goose

One child is chosen for the goose. A spot is marked off at one end of the yard and it belongs to the goose. The other children venture near him calling out:

“Lame Goose, foot in a noose!
Can’t catch anybody!”

The goose may go 3 steps out of his territory on both feet but beyond that he must hop on one foot and try to catch the other players. Whoever is touched by him becomes a lame goose also and must observe the rule of hopping on one foot after he has taken 3 steps out of the goose’s territory.

If a goose uses both feet after he has taken the three steps, he is driven back by the other players. The last player caught wins the game and becomes the goose for the next game.

Let me know if your kids enjoy playing Lame Goose.


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