Stop The Insanity – Take Back Control Of Kids’ Birthday Parties

Stop the insanity of outrageous kids' Birthday parties.

Stop the insanity of outrageous kids' Birthday parties.

I agreed to let my 9 year old daughter have a birthday party, as long as she agreed to let me send this letter to the parents in the invitation.

Emma is having a birthday party! I know, I know, not another event for which you will have to buy something – especially in this economy, but here’s the thing…

I write a weekly column for The Nashua Telegraph: Simple Thrift on tips and ideas to save money and here’s my idea to save money on a birthday party.

We are going to take the kids to the Library on Saturday to see the movie Bolt (free). Then we will take them back to the house where we will have (homemade) cake, ice cream and games.

Here’s where you can help. Please, please only send birthday gifts that cost 5 dollars or less. Some ideas include:

• A big bag of lollypops
• 5 dollars to be used only for dollar video rentals
• A 5 dollar fast food card
• A 5 dollar gift certificate to the dollar store
• A coupon for a play date or a sleepover

You could even go to a thrift store and get Emma a piece of clothing (size 12 top size 10 bottom) or if you have an older girl in your house, send over some outgrown clothing, or an extra beach towel, or an unused toy, or well you probably get the picture.

The party is this Saturday, I’ll let you know how it turns out.


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2 responses to “Stop The Insanity – Take Back Control Of Kids’ Birthday Parties

  1. I am SO curious to see how this all goes! Good for you.

  2. Ian

    For our daughters 4th birthday party we asked the parents to bring $5 cash (no presents), and most of the kids made home-made cards and put the $5 inside. Our daughter had 10 friends come, so she received $50, and split the money in half – $25 going to charity, and $25 for her to buy a toy with. We took her shopping the next day and we bought $25 worth of food for the local food bank, and then made a trip to the food bank to drop it off. She also bought herself a Polly Pocket toy. And instead of handing out gift bags to all the kids at the end of the party, we baked and decorated cookies and that’s what the kids took home with them. This worked so well, we will never go back to the ‘old’ way of doing things again. Birthday parties for kids have become insane and exorbitant. We wanted to make sure our daughter had the chance to share her birthday blessings and fortune with other people, and cut down on the insane amount of garbage that’s generated from receiving a bunch of toy gifts. It was a cheap, green and socially responsible birthday party, and all the kids learned some valuable lessons as well, and had the joy of helping others. Try it at your next party!

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