The Great Hamburger Experiment Meal 2 – 48.5 pounds to go

Meatloaf Cups

This evening we had what is essentially my meatloaf recipe but divided up and placed in individual cupcake tinfoil wrappers.

We don’t make your standard variety meatloaf here at this house; in fact, I’ve probably never made the same meatloaf recipe twice. It all depends on what is available and what leftovers we have. The long standing joke in our house is that if mom is making meatloaf, you better stay out of the kitchen because if you pass through, chances are you will be thrown into the pot.

The Great Hamburger Experiment - Meal 2 Meatloaf Cups - 48.5 pounds to go

The Great Hamburger Experiment - Meal 2 Meatloaf Cups - 48.5 pounds to go

Meat loaf, in our house is not as some of my relatives believe just the cooking of a loaf of meat, instead it becomes how many things can I fit into the meat loaf before my kids think it is too much? Leftovers, duplicate cans of vegetables, and whatever is in the fridge are all considered fair game.

But ask any of my kids what their mom’s secret ingredient for meatloaf is and they will always say baby food. Some of my kids have egg sensitivities and lacking a binder for meatloaf I usually just add a large jar of pureed baby food. Although I kind of feel like Jerry Seinfeld’s wife, my intent is not so much to trick my kids into eating vegetables as it is to avoid eggs.

Comments on the dinner:
• This is great.
• Lucky me I found a glob of stuffing
• Next time could you not use onions?
• This was great
• Thanks for dinner mom

Meatloaf of the day recipe

• 1 pound of ground beef (apx 2.10 cost)
• apx 2 cups of stuffing (I used stove top stuffing)
• 1 small minced onion
• 1 large jar of baby food (I used squash but sweet potatoes work well)

Divide the meat into 16 tin foil lined cupcake liners. Cook at 350 degrees until thoroughly cooked (apx 45 – 60 minutes)

At two foil cups each, this fed 8 people.

We ate this meal with Cesar salad and French fries.


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3 responses to “The Great Hamburger Experiment Meal 2 – 48.5 pounds to go

  1. Your children have egg sensitivities and you raise chickens?

    Will your children still speak to you, much less bring the grandchildren over, in years to come?

    • Wendy Thomas

      You know I had to go re-read that post. My kids (at the time) didn’t (wouldn’t) eat eggs. They didn’t like the texture or smell. A naturopath also told me that one of my sons had an egg sensitivity but I think the problem was that he had an allergy to ignorant Doctors (of which we’ve managed to meet quite a few over the years). Eggs do not seem to cause a problem and have been reintroduced into his diet.

      It took some time but now even my pickiest eaters will sit down to a plate of scrambled eggs. In fact a favorite after school snack these days is 2 eggs scrambled with onions and cheddar cheese (left over meat from last night’s dinner if you are lucky).

      I’ve also included eggs in many of our dinner recipes, in fact on the menu this week is a potato sausage, onion, green pepper, egg pie that the kids routinely gobble up.

      We still however, as a family do not like fried, poached, or hard boiled eggs although I have vowed to try some deviled eggs to have with our Easter dinner. We’ll see.

    • Wendy Thomas

      And actually there are some days that if the kids threaten to not bring over the grandkids, that’s fine with me. 🙂

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