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Lesson 1141 – Pictures from around

This morning I was going through my photos and thought I’d share a few of my favorite pics.
I know that Stephen Hawking can be a little obtuse, but filed under Foreign Language? Really?


Sometimes, all it takes is a little effort to bring beauty into your life. Continue reading

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Lesson 1140 – Keto diet and backyard chickens

It turns out that a Keto diet is a *very* good diet to be on if you have chickens (and want to make a thrifty dish or two. This one crustless quiche recipe uses 12 eggs (although to be fair it makes 12 servings so that’s really only one egg per serving.) Once made, I froze the leftovers and in the mornings I take one serving out, sprinkle more cheese on it and then heat it in the microwave.I think this is a terrific breakfast recipe for anyone, especially older kids who sometimes are so rushed they forget to eat something for breakfast.Here is the original recipe from I breathe I’m hungry.

It’s a low carb and gluten free breakfast casserole recipe that is hearty and easy to make!

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Lesson 1138 – What’s really important about Salem, Mass

On Saturday, Marc and I decided to spend the day in Salem, Mass, about an hour drive from our house. Although Salem has a deep history that includes colonial living and seafaring life, it is, of course, for the witches that it is best known.

And boy do these guys like to celebrate their witches. For the entire month of October, the town gets its freak on. For sure, you’ll see all things witches:


And you might even see a token nod to the town’s pirating history: Continue reading


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Lesson 1131 – Real Soup in a Cup – A thrifty and healthy lunch

Several people pointed me to this news story that has made the rounds recently. Basically, it’s the lament (whining) of a 350 lb. woman on benefits (she lives in the U.K.) She currently receives about $32,000 year (includes public housing) and claims that she remains fat because the government is not giving her enough money to buy healthy food or to join a gym. If she only had more money, she claims, she would be able to lose weight.I’m not even sure where to start with this one.

First, if you look at her cupboard, you’ll soon realize that the woman wouldn’t know healthy food it came up and bit her on her substantial bum. Second, last time I looked, walking was free.

As a mother of 6, I have spent years figuring out how to feed my kids a healthy diet without breaking the bank. I’m all about saving money and I’ve written about it in newspaper and magazine columns and articles. I’ve even taken the SNAP challenge and did quite well on less than $35/week (and I also showed how I could *save* money while on SNAP.

My kids, deprived beings that they are, very rarely get grocery store cookies, cereals, or soda. They just don’t because none of us need that garbage. The other night we had a cake for a birthday celebration. We all enjoyed it because it was special. Cake is celebration food – it’s not something that should be eaten every day.

Some of my readers have asked me to write again about how I plan our weekly menu and then how I shop for it. (I routinely spend about $160 – $180/week to feed our family of 7 adults – that comes to about $26/week. And trust me, when money was *really* tight, I’ve fed everyone for less.)

I have a few other projects to finish up, but in the next few weeks, I will do just that. I’ll share our weekly menu (something I do every Sunday morning) and my shopping list. I’ll make the meals for the week and will show you exactly what we eat.

If one spends $180/week on food that comes to $9360 per year. That’s a far cry less than $32,000 (and remember, I’m feeding 7 adults (our youngest is 15) – the woman in the news article is feeding herself and two children.) With the money I could save on her benefits, I could probably afford to buy a second-hand bike which could provide even more exercise.

Until I do my menu sharing, to start things off, I’ll give you a quick money saving healthy recipe which I plan on using for the entire winter.

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Lesson 1130 – Weapons of Mass Destruction – State Fair Peelers

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Weapons of Mass Destruction

This summer Marc and I went to a few State Agricultural fairs. At one of the fairs, I saw a woman on a raised platform wearing a speaker’s microphone while she stood in front of a pile of near-naked vegetables.

“No way,” I said to Marc as I pulled him to a stop. “She’s demonstrating peelers. Let’s go watch.”

My first tip-off should have been that no one, absolutely no one else was around her.

My second tip-off should have been the Band-Aid on her finger.

“That’s not from the peeler, is it?” Asked Marc who laughed because the thought was so ridiculous – a demonstrator of peelers who cut herself – now wouldn’t that be silly.

Well let’s just say that sometimes reality can be a lot funnier than anything this writer could have come up with. Yup, she hadn’t been paying attention and she had sliced her finger on a peeler.

“Sometimes, you just have to make do with what you have,” she said as she waved her finger aside ready to start her presentation.

Marc and I both should have walked away but the sense of the absurd held us.

She demonstrated the peeler (keeping her injured digit gently raised and out of the cutting area.)

“It’s really very simple,” she droned, “if you hold it this way , it peels, if you hold it another way it dices. And if you use this tool,” she expertly pulled out another device that looked suspiciously similar, “you can grate your vegetables to make slaw with NO messy clean-up.”

Not only did it do all that, but these magical peelers also:

  • Removed eyes from potatoes
  • Could be used by right or left handers
  • Were Swiss Engineered

And to top it all off, these peelers were high recommended for use by Arthritis and Rheumatism suffers. I didn’t have either of those conditions but who knows what coming down the road, right? Best to be prepared.

“Marc, we have to get this,” I said picturing the two cabbages that were sitting on our counter being easily grated into slaw. Continue reading


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Lesson 941 – Lyme Disease – Status

The last Lyme disease update I put on my blog was rather celebratory. I had finished 3 months of medication. Yay!

Many of my symptoms had, it seemed, melted away. Yay!

I was cured. Big Yay!

And then about 2 weeks after I had stopped the medication, I started to feel some very familiar twinges in my shoulder and elbow.

Hmm, I thought, it must just be the weather, you know that crazy New England weather of ours.

And then my muscles started twitching a little bit more at night. The bottoms of my feet start hurting again and that Achilles tendonitis like a song that you can’t get out of your head, started making itself heard. At first just around the edges and then it became stuck in my brain. Continue reading


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Lesson 932 – Home again

That tricky elf in a coop has finally gone back into his box (along with our Christmas Chicken) where I assure you he will be kept safe until next year.

Our flock

Our flock

For now, we are enjoying the fact that all of our chicks have returned home and that our nest is full once again.

Oh I know that as a mama hen, it’s my job to push out my little ones when the time is right, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t miss them and greatly enjoy their company when they come back to visit.

So good to see you, so very good to see you – sit down and tell me how you’ve been.

And come back they have with a roar, the kids haven’t all been together since last August. That’s a long time when you’ve grown up in a flock that has lived, worked, and tumbled around together.

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